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Kyra Kelley

October 2022

Kyra Kelley

Kyra Montemayor Kelley, a performance artist hailing from Akron, OH, is utilizing her residency to craft micro-theatre, presenting short plays in an intimate setting. With a focus on removing barriers that can hinder accessibility to theatre, Kyra aims to engage a broader audience with her performance scheduled for Fall 2022.

Titled "recollections/the daydream," the performance is a series of movement-focused narratives that communicate stories without words. Kyra's approach emphasizes action to reveal the artistry of ordinary moments, bringing thoughts and memories to life. During her Akron Soul Train residency, she will develop the first piece in the series, "the daydream," set to premiere in December at Summit ArtSpace.

Kyra Montemayor Kelley's interdisciplinary theatre artistry draws inspiration from her real-life role as a parent, infusing playfulness, curiosity, and a nurturing sensibility into her creative processes. Her notable collaborations in the Akron area include work with New World Performance Laboratory, Magical Theatre Company, and Ohio Shakespeare Festival. Additionally, Kyra serves as the Director of Communications for the National Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh, NC.

In addition to her performance project, Kyra will conduct an hour-long workshop titled "The Art of Play," inviting individuals aged 5 years and older to engage in mindful play. This workshop offers an opportunity to be present with bodies and each other, exploring physical spaces and imaginary realms. Open to children, families, and those embracing the child within, the workshop complements Kyra's commitment to infusing playfulness and creativity into her artistic endeavors.

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