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Lori Kella

June 2022

Lori Kella

Lori Kella, a photographer hailing from Cleveland, OH, redirects her artistic lens towards the Great Lakes, focusing on the inland seas and contemplating the intricate balance between fragility and resilience within this complex ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from three decades of fascination with Lake Erie's shoreline, her body of work becomes a visual homage to this captivating horizon.

Crafted from paper and natural materials, Kella's artificial landscapes document her observations of native flora, fauna, and the evolving topography of the lakeside. This latest collection zeroes in on the impactful coastal erosion, intensified by increasing storms and the diminishing protections for the shoreline. Through photographs that unveil a deconstructed terrain of fallen trees, sliding cliffs, and an expanse of vines and foliage, Kella captures the precarious interplay between nature and infrastructure in our ongoing struggle with the climate crisis.

The haunting images serve as a metaphor for the ferocity of nature and our limited ability to impede its progress in a changing world. They also hint at the ephemeral nature of the lake ecosystem, prompting contemplation on the looming threats of environmental degradation. However, amidst the stark reflections on loss and pervasive environmental challenges, Kella's work offers a moment of reflection and a renewed appreciation for the natural world.

Lori Kella's photographic exploration of the dramatic coastal erosion along the shoreline of Northeast Ohio extends beyond mere documentation. Through tabletop dioramas that recreate these scenes, her photographs aim to highlight the delicate equilibrium between nature and infrastructure in our ongoing battle with the climate crisis. An exhibition showcasing her thought-provoking work is scheduled to run from July 20 to August 27, 2022, inviting viewers to engage with the profound narratives woven into the visual tapestry of Lake Erie's ever-changing shoreline.

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