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Michael Boyd Roman

Visual artist and educator

​​Can Negus Get Much Higher?

Exhibition: August 28 - Oct 5, 2024 

Michael Boyd Roman's art captures the everyday grace of contemporary Black individuals by seamlessly merging elements from hip-hop and urban culture with references to art history and religious iconography. By presenting images of divine Black beauty, he aims to offer positive and spiritual representations that challenge enduring historical narratives associated with the contemporary Black experience. Throughout his residency at Akron Soul Train, Roman endeavors to broaden his visual language, focusing on the depiction of spiritual perfection and incorporating iconography from diverse indigenous belief systems worldwide.

As part of his community engagement, Roman plans to host an "artist talk & photo shoot" event within the Akron community, specifically involving local people of color. This on-site gathering will serve as an opportunity to collect reference photos for his upcoming series, enhancing the authenticity and richness of his work.

Roman states, "By leveraging symbols and iconography historically linked to concepts of white supremacy and hegemony, I empower my figures to occupy positions of prestige, power, and purity, reshaping the narrative and challenging established norms."

Michael Boyd Roman
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