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Atefeh Farajolahzadeh

Artist Statement:

My work is driven by personal experiences as an immigrant, facing the state of suspension between the new place and my country of origin. This experience of longing drove me to wander in the city, countryside, and nature in search of a place in which to be grounded. The result of this journey has been a collection of both abstract and
representational photos and videos. My photography creates a psychological space that mirrors the inner state of mind and emotions; it translates and transforms the landscapes of my imagination to meld the internal sensations through the way photography records light, color, and movement. Each photo finds its meaning in combination with others to create an experience that places the viewer between the state of reality and dream, consciousness and subconsciousness, the familiar and the unknown.


While still images create an immediate interaction, the video demands the viewers to sit and spend time with the work. My intention is to engage them with the experience of being in-between in a more immersive way.

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