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Dana Depew states, "I am primarily motivated by materials I encounter that are cast off as garbage or deemed useless, by others. For the past twenty years of my artistic career I have been driven by a duty and obligation to collect and revitalize materials of every kind. I am fascinated by the challenge of reusing objects in new and unlikely ways. Often these materials are warped, stained or cracked, but it is these inherent flaws that I chose to amplify to bring them back to life, and make them useful again. The scale and texture of my work invites the viewer to engage their senses, challenge their own perceptions and connect. The themes I choose are personal and self exploratory, giving a voice to the eternal questions regarding breaking down, being rebuilt, and how many times "rebirth" can occur. The usage of reclaimed materials reflects the idea that these discarded items can transcend the boundaries of "trash" and be resurrected into something to be desired and appreciated. What was once broken and empty is now full of light and has been nursed back to life and utilization."

"Green House" is a meditation room installation in Akron's Northside District. Please stop by and sit a while. Special thanks to Currated Storefront and Courtney Cable. Photo by Courtney Cable.

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