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Burton D. Morgan + CapSOUL Gallery:

David Maynard: State of Grace

David Maynard’s “State of Grace” Art Exhibit Explores Human Duality and Purpose 


In “State of Grace,” multi-disciplinary artist David Maynard navigates the duality of human nature and experience through themes of life and death, spiritualism and materialism, overstimulation and self-peace, and grace and cruelty. The main gallery will feature large-scale screenprints and painted works that highlight the future of Maynard’s craft. The use of repetitive symbols, like crosses and birds, may initially overwhelm the viewer but slowly reveal a brighter purpose and image. Some of Maynard’s art introduces dark imagery with tongue-in-cheek humor offering commentary surrounding human disconnect. This is featured in the sculpture “Vieux Pétillant,” an electric chair with Louis Vuitton upholstery, which will be installed in the CapSOUL gallery.  

Exhibition runs March 15 - April 22, 2023

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