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Interwebbing is an exhibition of new work by Akron Soul Train’s resident artist, Candy Coated.  


The pandemic has caused many of us to slow down our lives and take a look around to see what’s important.  Some of us started enjoying new hobbies, gardening more, and enjoying the outdoors where it’s safest to connect with people.  Akron Soul Train’s current resident artist Candy Coated has always practiced a mindful presence, and this is how she discovered the interconnectedness between nature, humans and objects.

Candy has been an Artist in Residence over the past several years in Philadelphia, California, and China before the pandemic brought her back home to her native Ohio.  She combines the work from the residencies with her new work in a beautifully choreographed balance between media.


She states, “My never ending drive to combine many media including ceramics, fabric, pattern, print, vibrant color, and reflective surfaces together into dynamic installations of still life arrangements that harmoniously reflect further highlights the inter-relatedness of all dimensions and things. Such combinations visually and energetically speak about growth, nature, place, metaphysics/alchemy, compassion, and issues of being a human(itarian) in these twilight zone times of our lives.”


Interwebbing is a large installation and will be presented in both of the Akron Soul Train galleries located at 191 S. Main Street, Akron, OH  44308. 

The Akron Soul Train gallery is open Wednesday - Saturday, 11-4:00pm with extended hours every Friday until 7pm.  There is plenty of parking right out front.  Please email Christine Ries with any questions at