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Debra DeGregorio: co≈rrelate

A Windstorm of Connection and Aversion: Artist Debra DeGregorio presents correlate

Mixed media artist Debra DeGregorio’s exhibit co≈rrelate rises and disintegrates across the page and space in a way that exposes “the contents of the mind caught in a windstorm.” Using drawing, collage and ‘micro installations’ of string, paper and pins, she depicts an interior process of connection and aversion. Bright colors, bits of old work, scraps, line and debris; these become symbols that come together and fall apart in a way which relates to the human process of attachment and detachment.

In correlate, DeGregorio expands the idea of connection and disconnection to include personal shares from the community. Gathered anonymously over months, online and in person, these shares are vulnerable and unique, familiar and universal. The words are embedded within large drawings and installations throughout the gallery.

“Whether conveying a sense of comfort or loneliness, [I am] interested in the common underlying threads of experience; within the works, the shares, the viewer, the artist and oneself.” - Debra DeGregorio

An opening reception for Debra DeGregorio’s correlate will be held at Akron Soul Train Gallery on Friday, November 10, from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM. The exhibit is free and open to the public November 8 - December 16, 2023. 

About the artist Debra DeGregorio:

Born in Pittsburgh, Debra studied Printmaking and Drawing at Kent State University, Ceramics and Printmaking at the University of Akron, and received an MFA in Printmaking from SUNY in New Paltz, NY. She has shown her art throughout the Midwest and has contributed to multiple juried exhibitions nationally. Debra resides in Cleveland, Ohio and is currently teaching Drawing at Youngstown State University.

A Closing Reception for both Raja Belle Freeman and Debra DeGregorio will be held Friday, December 16, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM at Akron Soul Train 191 S. Main Street. This same evening Akron Soul Train will announce their incoming 2024 Arists-in-Residence. Look for more details about this exciting event soon. 

Correlate is generously sponsored by HFS Wealth Advisors.


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