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Sylvia Sykes: The Book of Akron 3:30

The Book of Akron 3:30:

Sylvia Sykes is a portrait and figurative painter whose work focuses on themes of identity and shifting focus from technology and devices back to people. As a biracial artist, she explores the centralities of belonging by concentrating on women and minority subjects. This is intended to not only strengthen her own connection to these groups, but to heal previous feelings of isolation from them. Sykes residency work, The Book of Akron 3:30, reframes Biblical stories and presents them through a contemporary lens. Her reinterpretations present modern day characters in recognizable Akron settings which creates more relatability and explores how an overall message can still be relevant today.

“My mission with this body of work is to encourage viewers to still find value in religious storytelling and myths. While religion has absolutely been historically used as a weapon, I think our society has lost something essential having moved so far away from it. I myself do not identify as a devout follower of any major religion, but I think there is vital truth to be found in the Bible as well as other holy texts.” - Sylvia Sykes

An opening reception for Sylvia Sykes’ The Book of Akron 3:30 will be held at Akron Soul Train Gallery on Friday, September 22, 5:00 - 7:30 pm. The exhibit is free and open to the public, September 20 - October 28. 

About the artist Sylvia Sykes:

Sylvia Sykes is a portrait artist from Akron, OH. Sylvia works in acrylic, oil and digital mediums and tends to focus on African American, community, and women subjects in both caricature and realistic styles. She attended performing arts school for five years and then obtained a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Sociology from the University of Akron. These studies continue to influence and inspire the interpersonal, social, and community themes in her work. Sykes believes in the therapeutic use of color and tends to use bright hues and bold outlines in her pieces.


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