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Lori Kella
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Artist Statement:


As a native of the Great Lakes, I have turned my gaze toward our inland seas, examining the fragility and resilience of this complex ecosystem. The resulting body of work reimagines the shoreline of Lake Erie and its tributaries in a visual homage to a horizon that has captivated me for three decades.  The artificial landscapes, created from paper and natural materials, record observations of native flora and fauna, as well as the shifting lakeside topography.  This new collection focuses on the dramatic coastal erosion that has intensified as storms increase and protections for the

shoreline vanish. The photographs show a deconstructed terrain of fallen trees and sliding cliffs, as well as an expanse of vines, foliage, and overgrowth. The images depict the precarious balance of nature and infrastructure in our battle with the climate crisis. The beautiful, haunting, unmoored photographs become a metaphor for the ferocity of nature and our inability to halt its progress in a changing world.  The photographs also hint at the ephemeral nature of the lake ecosystem and lead one to ponder the realm of loss in the face of pervasive environmental threats, while also offering a moment of reflection and a renewed discovery of the natural world.

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