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Adana tillman
Black Joy4.jpg

Black Joy

As an Akron Soul Train Artist in residence for December 2021, I wanted a continuation of my body of  work that debuted in early 2021. Portraiture through depictions of self-expression and awareness are  themes through-out the work. During this residency I wanted to expand and experiment into installation  work. The work embodies body colors, textures and hand stitching that can be seen throughout the  work. Inspiration comes from all around me. I am an observer and take from my surroundings. The  movement of dancers, pedestrians all serve as inspiration. The vast style of the African diaspora is shown through fashion, hair, and style which can be seen throughout my work.


As an artist working typically in textiles and found fabrics, I wanted to take this time to explore other  avenues of artistic expression. Included in this exhibit will be new work of contemporary quilted pieces  along with a refinished school desk installation piece. This was an opportunity to work with different  materials and experiment with techniques such as wood burning and the art for gold leaf. With this  installation piece I hope to explore the questions of Who Am I? and how contemplation on this one  question can bring about self-awareness and joy.

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