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Artist Nyki Fetterman’s “MYSTICISM | BETWEEN” Illuminates Small Fragments of Hope

Artist Nyki Fetterman accents the often-overlooked joyful and fleeting moments in the chaos of every day in her show “MYSTICISM | BETWEEN.” These could be catching someone’s smile, listening carefully to the words of a friend, or examining an interaction in a new way. Through mixed media, including found objects, paintings, drawings, fibers, and more, Fetterman presents a poetic meditation on sacred moments that could be easy to miss like finding a tiny love note to oneself or having a mystical revelation of a greater connection. 

“My work pokes fun at power imbalances and problems with late-stage capitalism, failed attempts at squashing queer joy, and the feeling of constantly trudging two steps forward and one step back, the prevailing narrative is one of radical care, intention, and delight. Through juxtaposing sharp and critical politicism with mystical symbolism, personal narrative, and hopeful rhetoric, the goal of this work is to give light and comfort to a battle between good and evil. Good always prevails here.” – Nyki Fetterman

An opening reception for Nyki Fetterman’s “MYSTICISM | BETWEEN” will be held at Akron Soul Train Gallery on Friday, January 5, from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM. The exhibit is free and open to the public January 5 - February 10, 2023, in the CapSOUL Gallery.

About the artist Nyki Fetterman:

Nyki Fetterman is a mixed-media artist, designer, and educator living in Kent, OH. When she’s not making art, she can be found in the woods, looking at bugs, collecting rocks, or foraging. Nyki has exhibited work at Praxis Fiber Workshop, Waterloo Arts Gallery, The Hildebrandt, and various other regional galleries. Fetterman currently has works at Hazel Tree Gallery, the Canton Museum of Art, and Zeber-Martell Studios.


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