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Akron Soul Train, with a grant from the Akron Community Foundation, is offering micro-grants to Akron’s artists who have had their finances affected by COVID-19.  Micro-grants in the amount ranging from $250-$500 will be distributed to Akron’s most vulnerable artists to help with food, utilities, or any other basic need.  


“Artist” is defined as an individual making 33% or more of their income from their artistic practice.  Art disciplines include visual arts, literary arts, music and performing arts, and filmmaking.

Applicants must:


• Be 18 years of age or older;

• Be a resident of Akron, Ohio

• Demonstrate current financial need for basic life expenses (housing, food, medical, etc);

• Be an individual working artist who has lost income due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 and related work disruption.

Applications accepted August 19 - September 30,2020


Akron Soul Train’s primary mission is to grant residencies to artists that provide the resources to create. Each residency lasts one month (sometimes longer if an artist needs more time) and includes a community engagement component in the way of a workshop, project participation or demonstration. Residencies are awarded to artists of all creative disciplines: music, visual arts, dance, theater and filmmaking. Each artist-in-residence is given an exhibition of the work developed from the residency (visual artists) or a place to perform their work at one of our partner organizations. Occasionally auxiliary programming is added to enhance the work or amplify the voice of the artist. Please follow us on social media for announcements of additional programming.

Thank you to our Funders

Lehner Family Foundation