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Akron Soul Train's main objective is to provide artists with residencies that offer the necessary resources for creative expression. These residencies typically span one month, although they can be extended if an artist requires more time. A crucial aspect of each residency is community engagement, which takes the form of workshops, project participation, panel discussions, or demonstrations. Residencies are open to artists from diverse creative disciplines, including visual arts, music, literary arts, dance, theater, and filmmaking. As part of the program, each artist-in-residence receives an opportunity to showcase their developed work (for visual artists) or perform at one of our partner organizations. Occasionally, supplementary programming is introduced to enrich the artistic process or amplify the artist's voice. For updates or announcements, please follow us on social media.


Are you a crafty and imaginative artist looking for an exciting opportunity to showcase your work to a broader audience? Look no further! Akron Soul Train is on the lookout for talented artists like you to feature in our gift shop, both online and in person. Join our creative community and let your artistic flair shine while enjoying a generous 65% artist split.


Getting started is simple:

  1. Submit Your Art: Share your artwork, crafts, designs, or website with us for consideration at

  2. Review and Selection: Our team will carefully review your submission and select pieces that align with our aesthetic and our customers' preferences.

  3. Promotion: Akron Soul Train actively promotes your art through our marketing channels.

  4. Payment: When your art sells, you'll receive a generous 65% of the sale price in a monthly payment.

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