Akron Soul Train announces its 2022 Artists-in-Residence

As we wind down our 5th year of supporting artists, we are happy to announce the recipients of a 2022 Artist-in-Residency at Akron Soul Train.  They are:

Keith Lemley (sculptor from Ravenna, OH), Atefeh Farajolahzadeh (photography and video from Akron, OH), Michael Loderstedt (poetry and visual art from Cleveland), Danielle Dixon (poet and visual artist from Cleveland, OH), Latecia Delores Wilson (poet and performer from Cleveland, OH), Lori Kella (photography from Cleveland, OH), Palli Davene Davis (visual artist from Wakeman, OH), Steven Mastroianni (visual artist from Cleveland, OH), Drew Ippoliti (ceramics and sculpture from Akron, OH), Daniel Trzcinski (audio/video artist from Akron, OH), Kyra Kelley (theatrical performer from Akron, OH), and Jennifer Whitten (visual artist, stitching from Cleveland, OH).

Akron Soul Train began its residency program in fall 2016 after receiving the Knight Arts Challenge Award.  Each year AST has seen exponential growth in the number of artists supported through its Artist-in-Residency program as well as the addition of a community engagement component, further enriching the lives of those living in the greater Akron area.  Residencies include all forms of disciplines including visual arts, literary, filmmaking, theater, choreography and performing arts.


The Akron Soul Train Selection Committee scores artists on the innovativeness of their work proposal, originality of their community engagement component and quality of past work in order to bring to the Akron community top-notch cultural experiences.  The Committee is made up of seven professionals in various creative fields and is led by the University of Akron’s Director of University Galleries, Arnold Tunstall.