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Alyssa Lizzini: The Universe Between Here and There

Alyssa Lizzini’s “Universe” in the CapSOUL Gallery

In “The Universe Between Here and There,” Alyssa Lizzini explores the interwoven connection between space, time, and memory through large-scale, multi-layer drawings. Lines, grids, maps, and data become the stars, black holes, and supernovae of an ever-expanding universe of memory. Using ink, acrylic paint, and collaged paper, Lizzini creates overlapping images that seem to compress space and time yet simultaneously fly apart or implode. Her drawings suggest that memory unravels in much the same way and investigates the almost inseparable connection between person and place.

“Drawings explore both my own personal histories related to remembered places and broader histories recorded through archival, ethnographic, and visual research of city spaces…The scale of [my] drawings allow the viewer to feel immersed in each piece, surrounded by swirling and morphing cityscapes, memory objects, and natural elements. They ask the viewer to consider the many layers of context not immediately visible in our urban world, and give a new language for understanding the ever-changing nature of memory.” - Alyssa Lizzini

About the artist Alyssa Lizzini:

Alyssa Lizzini is an artist from Cleveland, Ohio whose work explores concepts of social geography and community engagement through on-location drawing. In addition to her own experience growing up in Cleveland, Lizzini's layered images are heavily inspired by her own archival, ethnographic, and visual research of city spaces. Her research is deeply social in nature, often consisting of interviews, neighborhood walks, and other community-building practices. In the studio, she utilizes drawing, painting, and printmaking techniques to create visually complex images that mirror the complexity of our social and spatial world. Lizzini graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2022.

“The Universe Between Here and There” will be exhibited April 3 - May 11, 2024, in the CapSOUL Gallery in Akron Soul Train. 

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