Akron Soul Train is an artist residency program connecting and empowering the community and artists by granting fellowships that provide resources for all creative disciplines to foster a more vibrant downtown Akron.

An Experimental Film Screening

Sign Stealing - by Megan Young

Screening is Friday, January 28th at 6pm

at the University of Akron's Myers School 

of Art auditorium.

FREE event!  FREE parking!

Megan Young spent the duration of her Akron Soul Train residency embedded within the Northeast Ohio shelter system. She made part of a collaborative design team developing temporary housing solutions with an emphasis on human dignity and collective safety amid the COVID-19 health crisis. That experience formed the basis for a series of workshops exploring public space, personal privacy, and our relationship to tools of mass surveillance.

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Now showing at the Akron Soul Train Gallery

Surreal By Nature.jpg

Surreal by Nature

Surreal by Nature is an exhibition combining the new work of artists-in-residence Jonah Jacobs and Maria Uhase.  Jacobs and Uhase arrived at vastly different interpretations of nature as each worked in their fall residencies. 


Jonah Jacobs is a self-taught Cleveland artist.  Jacobs uses unconventional materials including oatmeal, plaster, sand, yarn, gravel and dryer sheets.  The media is layered on cardboard, formed and burned into organic shapes.  These are then dipped and sprayed with dyes.  His abstract surreal pieces are influenced by the gnarls and microscopic structures found in nature.  The physicality and how form and function are intertwined in nature is the foundation from which his sculptures are designed. 


Maria Uhase develops a surreal relationship between animals and plants within her paintings. She forms unexpected visual pairings such as depicting ideas which are simultaneously macabre and peaceful, or light-hearted and serious.  Uhase spent her residency experimenting with the collaboration between human creativity and artificial intelligence by using a neural network program to

aid in generating new concepts.  The combination of her hyper realistic paintings with AI generated ideas serves as an ironic layer in her work.  Uhase is a recent graduate of the University of Akron and is based in Wadsworth, OH.

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