Akron Soul Train is an artist residency program connecting and empowering the community and artists by granting fellowships that provide resources for all creative disciplines to foster a more vibrant downtown Akron.

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Now showing at the Akron Soul Train Gallery

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Woven: The Human x Nature Relationship

is an exhibition combining the residency work of two artists - Nicole Condon-Shih and Ron Shelton.  Each examines human interaction with nature with abstract interpretations.  There will be an Open House reception on September 10th from 11am-7pm.

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Showing in the CapSoul Gallery"

Out of No Way" is an interactive installation by performance poet and visual artist Ephraim Nehemiah. The exhibit, shown in Akron Soul Train’s CapSoul Gallery, explores the impact of poverty and the resilience of those who survive it. The work includes several objects artistically rendered and scribed with original poems by the artist's personal experiences withstanding the misfortune of classism.

"Out of No Way" is inspired by the Black American expression, "Making a way out of no way", a phrase passed down through generations. A statement that illuminates the endurance and creativity of our existence. - Ephraim Nehemiah

Thank you to the Vernon L Odom Fund for their support.