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Dana Depew


Dana Depew

Dana Depew expresses, "He is primarily motivated by materials encountered that are discarded as garbage or considered useless by others. Over the past two decades of his artistic career, he has felt a duty and obligation to collect and revitalize materials of all kinds. Dana finds fascination in the challenge of repurposing objects in new and unconventional ways. These materials often bear signs of wear, stains, or cracks, and it is precisely these inherent flaws that he chooses to accentuate, breathing new life into them and restoring their utility. The scale and texture of his work encourage viewers to engage their senses, question their perceptions, and establish connections. The themes Dana selects are personal and self-exploratory, providing a voice to eternal questions about breaking down, rebuilding, and the frequency of "rebirth."

The utilization of reclaimed materials in Dana's work reflects the notion that discarded items can transcend the label of "trash" and be resurrected into something desirable and appreciated. What was once broken and empty is now infused with light, having been nurtured back to life and functionality.

"Green House" stands as a meditation room installation in Akron's Northside District, inviting visitors to pause and reflect. Dana expresses special thanks to Curated Storefront and Courtney Cable for their contributions. 

Image credit: Courtney Cable

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