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Dominic Moore Dunson


Dominic Moore Dunson

Dominic Dunson-Moore, alongside his collaborators Chris Coles (composer and musician), Maya Nicholson (playwright and actor), Kevin Parker, Jr. (assistant choreographer and dancer), and Floco Torres (hip hop artist), discusses how they came together in the creation of the dance, theater, media, and community engagement project inCOPnegro.

inCOPnegro delves into the lives of black and brown criminal justice system workers in Akron. Dominic expresses, "In our current climate of racial tension, he is interested in engaging with the stories of individuals who live on the line between 'Black' and 'Blue.' Additionally, he aims to hear the stories of black and brown Akron residents' relationships with the justice system."

inCOPnegro stands as a two-year project developed in collaboration with organizations across the City of Akron.

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