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Ron Shelton


Ron Shelton

Residing in Lakewood, Ohio, Ron Shelton is a multi-media artist who has dedicated many years to honing his craft with the challenging and unsustainable medium of plastic. Serving as both curator and publisher of the nonprofit online arts magazine, High Art Fridays (HAF), found at, Shelton has observed a shared thread among artists globally who work with this environmentally problematic material.

His current body of work boldly addresses the pervasive journey of plastic, navigating through endless streams, ocean currents, gyres, beaches, and waterways worldwide. Shelton actively collects plastic from various sources, including his own waste, laundry companies, community plastic donation drives, and other outlets. Going beyond his artistic practice, he has fostered community engagement by leading virtual workshops, guiding participants in the creation of unique art from plastic waste.

Shelton's artistic exploration of this challenging medium has garnered recognition both locally in Northeast Ohio and on an international scale.

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