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Alan Manley Jr.

April 2020

Alan Manley Jr.

Red Rose Panic, a dynamic Hip-Hop band hailing from Akron, Ohio, has been making music and performing original songs for the last several years. Led by frontman Alan Manley Jr, also known as Luminari, the band explores themes related to the trials and tribulations of life, emphasizing the choices individuals make within the 24 hours we all have.

The quintet is currently working on an album titled "Summers in Akron," delving into various experiences growing up in the inner city. With a commitment to community engagement, Red Rose Panic plans to connect with youth and others facing challenges in balancing life and art. The band will livestream discussions on social media platforms, providing a platform for meaningful conversations.

Akron Soul Train and Jilly’s Music Room on Akron’s Northside have joined forces to present a live broadcast of Red Rose Panic, showcasing their unique blend of jazz, rock, funk, and hip-hop. Formed in 2013 by Luminari and guitarist/producer Styxx, the band has toured extensively around the Midwest, performed in Los Angeles and New York, and headlined Akron’s annual Highland Square PorchRokr festival.

Alan Manley Jr., recently awarded an Akron Soul Train artist residency, expresses gratitude for the timely support during the pandemic. The residency facilitated upgrades to the band's technological platforms, enabling them to share and develop their music virtually. With over 10-12 retooled songs prepared for release, one notable collaboration is the track "Fear," featuring Akron funk/fusion band Acid Cats, addressing the unjust treatment faced by people of color.

Performance At Jilly's Music Room July 11, 2020

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