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Damien McClendon

January 2020

Damien McClendon

Damien McClendon is a poet with a profound focus on themes such as racism, poverty, masculinity, and fatherhood. His artistic endeavors aim to confront power structures through narrative, creativity, and compelling performances. McClendon engages with his community through creative writing workshops, culminating in open mic sessions or discussions.

Inspired by the teachings of his ancestors and driven by his experiences as a poor, Black father, McClendon delves into the complexities of being a Black male. His work explores both the penalties and privileges associated with Blackness and masculinity, undergoing a transformation of ideas within these realms.

Born on the same day as the late Langston Hughes, McClendon aspires to carry on the energy reflected in Hughes' words about building temples for tomorrow and standing on the mountain, free within oneself. Aligning with Audre Lorde's wisdom, McClendon seeks to share the freedom he discovers within himself through his art, while remaining accountable to the acknowledgment of the oppressor within.

Motivated by the perpetual work ahead, Damien McClendon finds infinite inspiration to create experiences that not only move hearts but also foster connections within his community and agitate the societal grain.

On February 22, 2020, at 7:00 pm, Damien McClendon will showcase a performance of his written pieces, accompanied by an open mic night welcoming other writers. The event will take place at Akron Soul Train.

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