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Scott Goss

March 2020

Scott Goss

In his experiential installations, artist Scott Goss creates surreal video-based environments that delve into human nature and the connections shared with others. He typically assumes the role of the protagonist in his work, employing extensive research and self-exploration to gain deeper insights into both himself and the broader human experience. Goss's pieces, often leaning towards the absurd and infused with a touch of humor, captivate viewers by enticing them to peek, pry, and interact, encouraging a full immersion in the artwork. These interactive environments often necessitate viewers to climb, lay, or crawl within the installation to uncover hidden video projections and monitors.

Goss employs computer-controlled machines and video projections to craft these interactive spaces. Each piece is governed by one or more small computer modules known as Raspberry Pi, enabling the precise control of mechanisms and video displays. Utilizing a range of materials such as wood, steel, glass, and others, his designs frequently draw inspiration from both architecture and engineering. Through this approach, each artwork aims to explore human interactions while sparking curiosity in the audience.

During his residency at Akron Soul Train (AST), Scott Goss has crafted works that directly respond to the altered social landscape shaped by COVID-19 restrictions. Originally scheduled for March, coinciding with Ohio's "stay-at-home" orders, Goss found the need to reassess his creative direction and the interaction dynamics with his pieces. The new work for AST curiously explores the nuances of social interaction in the context of social distancing and mask-wearing, reflecting the transformed social realities brought about by the pandemic.

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