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Daniel Trzcinski

September 2022

Daniel Trzcinski

Daniel Trzcinski, an Ohio-based writer, musician, and audio/visual artist, presents "Shores of Echo A/V," a collection of post-Internet pieces born from his residency. Drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as Emily Dickinson, Adrian Piper, and René Magritte, Trzcinski recontextualizes artifacts, transforming perceptible distortions into captivating audio/visual experiences. His work explores the irreducible strangeness found in the virtual, digital, and artificial realms, revealing the familiar within the unfamiliar.

Daniel Trzcinski's artistic journey extends beyond his residency, spanning a diverse array of creative pursuits. As the songwriter, producer, and frontman of the synth-pop duo Bliss Nova, he explores immersive, collective experiences of art, embodying transformative ideas. His musical journey, evolving from childhood in a Pentecostal church to leading Bliss Nova, has garnered acclaim, with the band's following growing across the US.

Beyond music, Trzcinski's creative endeavors include digital copywriting, storytelling projects with The Toledo Museum of Art, and the launch of Electric Fun, a digital agency. His solo ambient project, "Shores of Echo," marks a new venture, with the self-titled debut album released after his move to Akron. Collaborating with Steve Hauschildt, the album delves into the analog-digital intersection, mirroring Trzcinski's continuous exploration of audio/visual practices.

As he navigates evolving creative horizons, Daniel Trzcinski aims to delve deeper into audio/visual practices and theories, envisioning multi-aesthetic installations and experiences that push the boundaries of artistic expression. His holistic approach to storytelling, music, and visual art converges in a dynamic and ever-expanding exploration of transformative ideas and shared human experiences.

His final work will be shown in the CapSOUL Gallery Oct. 26 - Dec. 3, 2022.

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