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Danielle Dixon

April 2022

Danielle Dixon

In this phase of the residency, Danielle Dixon, a poet and visual artist from Cleveland, OH, endeavors to use objects as the narrative threads weaving her story. Consider the imagery of an ornately decorated cookie tin, adorned with pictures of the cookies that should be inside on the lid. In this tale, a child waits for their grandmother to turn away, attempting to pilfer a cookie. However, as the lid is wrestled off, a cascade of spare buttons, pin cushions, needles, and thread spills onto the floor - no cookies to be found. From the child's perspective, it's a narrative of deception and disappointment, yet, in reality, it stands as "Exhibit A" illustrating how Danielle's grandparents survived the Depression era. It embodies the ethos of their generation - resilience, resourcefulness, and a commitment to reusing and repurposing items rather than discarding them.

The upcoming exhibit curated by Danielle will feature objects and artifacts that possess stories of their own. Accompanying these objects will be poems and short stories, elucidating the significance and narrative behind each item. As the last living member of her immediate family, Danielle is engaged in documenting her memoirs through poems and short stories. Her poignant poetry, alongside an installation of family artifacts, will grace Akron Soul Train's CapSOUL gallery from July 20 to August 27, 2022. In an effort to impart the art of storytelling, Danielle will also lead a writing workshop, inviting others to explore and share their family narratives based on cherished objects. This exhibition not only serves as a personal journey through family history but also extends an invitation to others to discover the rich tapestry of stories woven within the everyday objects that surround us.

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