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Drew Ippoliti

August 2022

Drew Ippoliti

Drew Ippoliti, a ceramic sculpture artist hailing from Akron, OH, embarks on a unique artistic journey during his residency, seamlessly merging culture, decoration, and craft in his creations. Drawing on his rich experiences, having served twice as a Fulbright Fellow in China and Korea, Ippoliti plans to devote his residency to interviewing members of Akron's community. He envisions translating these personal narratives into abstract ceramic sculptures, providing a tangible and artistic expression to the diverse stories woven into the fabric of Akron.

In his overarching artistic philosophy, Ippoliti sees himself as part Studs Terkel, part Joseph Cornel, and part Dr. Frankenstein, actively collecting and distilling the wealth of symbolic and semiotic language encoded in human culture. His project, "Here, There & Everywhere," becomes a canvas for exploring the intersections of culture, personal stories, and the artistic process.

The project involves collecting stories from various community sources, including Akron Soul Train, The University of Akron's Myers School of Art, and engaging individuals in spontaneous conversations on the streets. These stories are meticulously recorded, anatomized, and transformed into abstract ceramic materials that echo the essence of the original narratives. Ippoliti's approach seeks out the nominally normal and rudimentary stories of everyday people, creating a catalog of human experiences that transcends time and place.

"Here, There & Everywhere" is an exploration of Akron's slice of life, capturing the city's multifaceted identity as fertile ground for creativity, a transit hub, and a vibrant tapestry of unique lives and stories. The culmination of this research project, spanning more than three years, promises to present an immersive exhibition at the AST gallery from October 26 to December 3, 2022. Ippoliti's work magnifies the moments of shared humanity, inviting viewers to appreciate the diverse and interconnected experiences that define Akron's cultural landscape. 

This residency is generously sponsored by Brennan, Manna and Diamond, LLC, further supporting the exploration and transformation of community narratives into compelling works of art.

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