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Jennifer Whitten

November 2022

Jennifer Whitten

Jennifer Whitten, a Cleveland-based artist, unveils her captivating exploration of talismans, charms, and powerful objects in her upcoming exhibition, "Intricacies." Delving into the mystery surrounding these cherished artifacts, Whitten's creations seamlessly blend the physical and mystical realms through intricate beading and stitching techniques. Drawing inspiration from Aboriginal artworks, Haitian Voodoo flags, and the minkisi of west central Africa, Whitten's show promises a visually and spiritually enriching experience.

The exhibition will grace the main gallery at Akron Soul Train Gallery from January 25 through March 4, 2023.

About Jennifer Whitten: As an accomplished visual artist, Jennifer Whitten specializes in assemblage and fiber art techniques, with a keen focus on intricacy. Her work has garnered awards and earned a place in regional and national group shows. Additionally, Whitten's artistic creations have been featured in various publications, including books, magazines, calendars, and notecard sets. Beyond her artistic endeavors, she maintains a dual career as both an artist and a clinical counselor.

Jennifer Whitten's artistic prowess is exemplified through beading, stitching, binding, and embellishing, infusing her work with both visual and haptic power. During her residency, Whitten plans to delve into the concept of modern minkisi, exploring the essence of powerful objects. Furthermore, she will conduct workshops, offering insights into her intricate creative process. The culmination of her residency will be showcased in a new exhibition, running from January 25 to March 4, 2022, where viewers can immerse themselves in the intricate and meaningful world of "Intricacies."

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