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Crystal Miller

Visual Artist

Exhibition: Queens & Shiny Things

August 28 - October 5, 2024 

Crystal Miller, an interdisciplinary mixed-media artist, currently resides and works in Cleveland, Ohio. She holds an Associate degree in Graphic Design and completed her BFA in Painting and SEM (Sculpture and Expanded Media) at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2023. Her artistic endeavors, spanning paintings and sculptures, center around the exploration of Afro-futurism, utilizing unconventional materials such as beads, glitter, rhinestones, and foam. Originating in the '90s, Afro-futurism rejects Eurocentric norms, weaving together African traditions and fantasy to resurrect erased Black ancestry.

Looking ahead, Crystal plans to delve deeper into Afro-futurist narratives, both historical and contemporary, seeking a comprehensive understanding of this movement. Her exploration aims to illuminate how Afro-futurism fuses African traditions, futuristic elements, and speculative fiction, creating a distinctive lens through which to perceive the Black experience.

Crystal articulates her vision, stating, "I envision a world that fully embraces me for who I am, offering not only uplift but also protection for the lives of Black individuals. A world where my Black sisters can thrive. This collective dream propels me to create art, with the hope that one day, it will manifest into our reality."

Crystal Miller
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