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Debora Totti Cranendonk

Performing artist

Performance: "How Are You?" 

Date: November 2, 2024 at 2:00 pm at

Shady Hollow Lodge in Summit Metropark 

Debora, an experienced Italian actress, has dedicated numerous years to performance and research. Fascinated by the potency of personal narratives in fostering connections, she has collaborated with Abani Biswas, from Jerzy Grotowski’s Theatre of Sources team, Japanese Butoh artist Sumako Koseki in Paris, Teatro e Natura in Italy, New World Performance Laboratory (NWPL) in Akron, and is presently engaged with Theatre No Theatre.

In the reading of her upcoming solo performance piece, tentatively titled "How Are You?" Debora unfolds the narrative of a young girl from Italy (based on herself), retracing her journey inward through successive layers, akin to the diminishing figures of a Russian doll. The narrative delves into her withdrawal from physical abuse, leading her back into the embrace of the natural world in pursuit of the profound connection she seeks. Infused with humor and keen analytical observation, the journey encompasses the transitions from child to woman and back again, navigating the shift from her homeland to the new cultural landscape of the United States, where the ubiquitous question, "How are you?" is posed. Yet, the inquiry begs the question: is there genuine time for a thoughtful response?

"My solo performances are deeply autobiographical, stemming from a profound need to process pivotal life events. These include the challenges of being a woman artist, the expectations of motherhood, and the reliance on my own intuition. The artistic exploration of my personal narrative serves not only to unveil a fresh understanding of my own life but also offers spectators an opportunity to contemplate their own journeys."

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Debora Totti Cranendonk
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