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Durrell LeGrair

Performer, musician

Performance and album: Kids’ Listening PARTY!”

Date: TBD

Durrell Le Grair, a native of Akron, OH, has been immersed in singing and arranging since a young age, often assuming leadership roles in various musical groups. Presently, he directs the choir at New Hope Baptist Church and serves as a guest conductor for diverse ensembles across Akron. While touring with musicians such as Dan Wilson and Theron Brown, he has showcased his vocal talent, both as background vocals and occasionally taking the lead.

Durrell's passion for youth remains evident, as he actively engages with schools, teaching music, choreographing for musicals, and conducting choral clinics. Currently, he is working on a multi-genre children's album, aiming to present a delightful and innovative approach for children to engage in everyday activities, such as brushing their teeth or crossing the street safely.

Expressing his motivation, Durrell shares, "I want to speak life, love, and confidence into children. They need to know they are smart, capable, and not forgotten. Above all, they need to know that people care."

Durrell LeGrair
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