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Earl O. James

Visual artist, sculpture, glass

Exhibition: Pathways and Passages

January 8 - February 15, 2025

Earl James, originally from Jamaica, West Indies, and raised in Rochester, New York, earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1988 and later completed his Master of Fine Arts at State University of New York at Alfred University in 1990. As a sculptor, he employs a diverse range of materials and processes, including fabricating metal through welding, machining, and forging, shaping wood by hand or machine, using the casting process from carving waxes to creating molds and pouring hot metal, engaging in hot casting of glass, and cold forming of cement.

His project, "Pathways and Passages," delves into the migration of people through various means such as commerce-based abduction (e.g., slavery), opportunity-based immigration, or conflict-based displacement. While the modes of human movement have evolved over time, the underlying reasons, including war, oppression, and need, persist across eras, continuing to shape contemporary journeys. Earl's exploration focuses on the form and symbolism of boats that historically transported people across continents, rivers, seas, and shores.

Reflecting on his artistic approach, Earl shares, "My work is rooted in experiences, exploration, and introspection. As recurrent thoughts coalesce from a myriad of influences, they are distilled into tangible images that I strive to create."

Earl O. James
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