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Elyse Morckel and Denzel Washington

Dance and film 

Performance and film premier: Dance and Film Collide

Date TBD

Dancer Elyse Morckel and filmmaker Denzel Washington are joining forces to create a dance film and accompanying documentary, centering around the reimagining of Morckel's trio void, which initially premiered at the Sandefur Theatre in Akron, Ohio, in July 2023. The project revolves around the exploration of space—how it is defined, shared with others, and how relationships are built based on our proximity to others within our personal spaces. The conceptual foundation for this work stemmed from Morckel's contemplation of Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot," prompting reflections on humanity's struggle to reconcile with the notion that we are not the center of the universe.

Elyse Morckel emphasizes the unique opportunity that dance offers in physically embodying narratives, compelling audiences to critically reflect on their feelings and experiences of the world, while also encouraging them to adopt the perspectives of others whom they may not fully understand.

Denzel Washington, as the filmmaker, focuses on inspiring and guiding individuals to hone their skills and passions in various art forms. His mission is to awaken and strengthen the innate creative mindset we all possess. Denzel aims to broaden the artistic community through mentorship that spans different art forms and mediums, fostering growth in communities and promoting a deeper understanding of one another on an emotional level.

Ann Amer Brennan Residency

Elyse Morckel and Denzel Washington
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