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Kayla Weinman

Visual artist and educator

Exhibition: July 10 - August 17, 2024 in CapSOUL Gallery

Kayla Weinman, a faculty member at the University of Akron, explores the essence of clowning in her artistic pursuits. Using ceramics as her medium, she meticulously crafts traditional clown attire—enlarged gloves, oversized shoes, and a ruffled neckpiece. Weinman embraces the fundamental purpose of clowns, simplifying the complexities of humanity to infuse humor into everyday situations. Her work embodies the idea that clowns evoke laughter even in the face of adversity, utilizing simplicity and directness to divert attention from personal challenges by playfully humbling oneself.

What adds depth to Weinman's art is the intriguing duality faced by the wearer of her ceramic creations. Balancing the task of maintaining a cheerful appearance, they simultaneously grapple with the physical discomfort imposed by the weight of the ceramic pieces. This performance becomes a poignant expression of the wearer's readiness to prioritize the comfort of others at the expense of their own, creating a captivating dynamic that mirrors the intricate interplay between humor, discomfort, and the genuine desire to bring joy to others.

Generously sponsored by Jeannine and Steve Marks

Kayla Weinman
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