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Meagan Smith

Visual artist, fibers

Exhibition: Wild Light 

November 20 - December 28, 2024 in Burton D. Morgan Gallery

Meagan Smith specializes in exploring the convergence of craft, design, and technology. Their digital weavings showcase meticulously crafted textures, invoking a gentle and comforting tactile experience. By delving into the intersection of natural and virtual systems, they create a captivating synthesis. The binary system and grid-like structures within her works establish a meditative and focused ambiance, with the repetition of undulating patterns giving the impression of navigating an infinite void of echoes.

In their upcoming project, "Wild Light," Meagan aims to document the physical sensations experienced throughout different times of the day, responding to personal encounters within both natural and artificial landscapes. This endeavor seeks to capture the harmonious fusion of forces and natural elements, fostering a renewed appreciation for the intricate interconnections between humanity, the natural world, and technology. The ultimate goal is to find solace in the ever-shifting, organic, and mystical elements that define our existence.

Meagan Smith
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