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Melih Meric

Visual artist, mixed media, printmaking

Exhibition: “Stitched Editions": Exploring the new

April 3 - May 11, 2024, Burton D. Morgan Gallery

Melih Meric, born in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey, currently calls Akron, Ohio, home. As a dedicated printmaker, their artistic journey unfolds through the realm of Islamic geometric abstraction, delving into spiritual themes. Utilizing printmaking as the primary medium, Meric's creations navigate the realms of diaspora, assimilation, and traditional practices rooted in the Middle East. Blending conventional pattern-making with a contemporary approach to edition creation, their work embodies a fusion of the old and the new.

Driven by a profound passion for pattern and paper, Meric employs innovative techniques in printmaking and textile arts to craft stitched editions and embossed pieces on paper. 

Reflecting on their artistic philosophy, "My work involves reconciling with a facet of my culture that led me to depart from it. Discovering beauty in design and simplicity, I embark on creating systems that intricately weave through these foundational principles. Printmaking became a profound tool for me, especially when I drew connections to the intricate tiles of the Middle East. It transformed into a means to construct and expand patterns, challenging traditions in the realm of crafts."

Sponsored by Brennan, Manna, and Diamond, LLC

Melih Meric
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