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Nico Cacho Flores

Writer and visual artist

Exhbition: The Landscapes of Our Inner Selves

January 8 - February 15, 2025 in the CapSOUL Gallery

Nico Cacho Flores, a Puerto Rican artist, embarks on an endless exploration of the human experience. Venturing beyond traditional mediums, Nico thrives on experimentation, immersing herself in installation works that aim to transcend the confines of conventional art. Her fascination with dreams takes form in written narratives that seamlessly bridge the abstract and the tangible, becoming an integral component of her artistic expression.

During her Akron Soul Train residency, Nico will bring to life seven "energy reactors," composed of columnar geometric paper lamps measuring 7 feet in height by 3 feet in diameter. These reactors will serve as canvases for dream narrations and the chakra motif, made visible through the interplay of light filtering. The captivating dance of light and shadow within these installations metaphorically represents the process of confronting and illuminating our shadow aspects, leading to profound healing and a heightened sense of awareness.

Nico shares, "My approach involves delving into dream realms, unveiling the depths of our subconscious as a unique avenue for healing. Creative writing becomes a tool to analyze and address emotional and mental challenges, with written dream logs forming an integral part of my methodology."

Nico Cacho Flores
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