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Sarah Paul

Transdisciplinary artist and educator

Exhibition: Fiber Chambers

November 20 - December 28, 2024 Burton D. Morgan and CapSOUL Gallery 

Sarah Paul, a transdisciplinary artist and faculty member at the Cleveland Institute of Art, traces her roots from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to her current base in Cleveland, Ohio. Through her artistic endeavors, which encompass immersive and interactive media installations, multimedia objects, wearable art, and, more recently, felted wool drapery and vessels, she investigates the delicate state of being out-of-body. Her exploration delves into understanding how individuals navigate both physical and mental trauma.

During her Akron Soul Train Residency, Sarah intends to advance her Fiber Chambers series by completing smaller installations and crafting media objects using wet-felted wool. Additionally, she plans to experiment with second fabrics found locally, enhancing the depth and texture of her work.

Describing her artistic vision, Sarah states, "A substantial felt textile cascades from the wall into the gallery, forming a small chamber inviting viewers to enter, sit, and let their minds wander as abstract video projections saturate the walls, floor, and fibers. The video content captures the sensuous curves of a mylar weaving draped on a green grape arbor, adorned with dew and bathed in sunlight. This projected video weaves a surreal tapestry of surfaces and light, creating a meditative space for contemplation. Despite the allure of the exterior surfaces, the true essence lies underneath. In a time of perpetual shared trauma, I perceive this work as forging a healing space amid a subdued sense of bliss.

Sarah Paul
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