Application for 2022 Artist-in-Residencies is now open!

Deadline is September 30, 2021 at 11:59pm 

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Regional artists of all disciplines, including visual, performing, and written arts, are invited to apply.  Residencies are typically offered for one month, but can be shorter or longer, depending on the artist’s preference and the proposed project. Residency selection criteria is based on the applicant’s artistic excellence, ingenuity, professionalism, and emergence. Artists are selected by the AST Residency Committee consisting of: 

  • Arnold Tunstall, Director of Galleries at The University of Akron and AST board member

  • Jill Bacon Madden, Owner of Jilly’s Music Room and AST board member

  • Stephen Tomasko, Photographer and past AST resident

  • Miriam Bennett, MFA in Intermedia and Video Art and past AST resident

  • Rick Rogers, Founder of Curated Storefront, Akron arts advocate

  • Francisca B. Ugalde, Curator, Institute for Human Science and Culture. Instructor, Museums and Archives Certificate Program

  • Yoly Miller, Writer, Photographer and Video Journalist


  • Time, stipend, and resources to create a new body of artwork for a public exhibition, performance, or reading

  • Recognition in the community and press

  • Opportunities to engage the greater Akron community with your artwork

  • Opportunities to meet new people, artists, and stakeholders in the local art scene

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  • Create a new body of work for public display

  • Create and lead a minimum of one program during residency

  • Conduct a “take-over” on AST social media

  • Availability for press and outreach opportunities


  • Artists must be over 18 years of age

  • Artists must be regional (close enough to drive to Akron for events)


What do you mean by “regional”?

Any artist who is able to travel to Akron to interface with our community for a public educational event (this can be virtual during the pandemic) and the final performance/exhibition will be considered for the residency. For example, artists that live in Pittsburgh, Detroit, and Columbus, or even farther, like Cincinnati, could consider themselves regional.

Will I work in my own studio as an artist in residence?

Yes! Any studio you prefer will do. But, if you need help finding a place to create your work we can help with that, just make sure you mention it in your application. For example, if you have always wanted to dabble in ceramics but don’t have studio access equipped for that for your residency, we could help make some suggestions or contacts at a local ceramics studio for you to work in.

What kind of community program am I expected to do if I become an artist in residency?

It is part of our mission to bring unique artist-led experiences to the Akron community. Past artists have given demos, taught workshops, and given artist talks, but, ideas are not limited to these. We will be happy to work with your unique vision to help create an exciting program for the public. Anything that allows people to gain a deeper understanding of the arts and your unique artistic perspective will be great!

What can I do to make sure my application impresses the selection committee?

Make sure you have a thoughtful artist statement, a clear concept of how you will utilize your residency, an interesting idea for your community program, and high quality images, video, or audio files of your art. Having an up-to-date website and/or social media will also be helpful. Most importantly, be your unique artistic self and don’t be afraid to brag a little bit about why you deserve this opportunity!

What do you mean by “resources” to create new art?

Absolutely. We know that many artists struggle with finding the time to finish projects, which is why we are here. Your project idea for the residency could be a simple as finishing a series that you have been working on or completing a new one.

Can I still work my job during the residency?

Basically, we want to help you fulfill your artistic visions during your residency and any way we can assist with that we will whether it be helping to find public space to display your art or helping to get special materials or equipment donated for you. We will try our best to help out with your needs.

Can I continue an in-progress project during my residency?

Yes, the main requirement from us is that you complete your project and as long as you can do that while working your job, that’s totally fine with us. This opportunity has allowed past artists to take at least a week or two off work and we would recommend trying to do that if you were to get the residency.

Can I submit the application in a language other than English?

Yes, you can complete the application in any language and AST will have it translated for the committee.

Can I still submit the application in any format?

Yes. We request all written responses be completed via the submittable application. You can complete the application via audio or video. Please contact for instructions.