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Debra DeGregorio

August 2023

The work of mixed media artist Debra DeGregorio has ranged from large, drawn and printed natural forms, to bright ‘micro-installations,’ using collage, string and sequins on pins. Her imagery arises and disintegrates across the page like symbols from the unconscious mind. With an interest in psychology, mythology and humor, these works are landscapes of the interior, described using a personal symbolism found in the world of the exterior.  For her residency work, Debra is seeking to increase scale, creating an installation that connects across the span of the gallery.  Debra also explores the psychology of “Attachment Style” which refers to how we have learned, and continue to learn, to connect with others.

Burton D. Morgan Gallery:  Exhibition runs Nov 8 - Dec 16, 2023.

Generously sponsored by HFS Wealth Advisors.

Debra DeGregorio
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