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Eva Polzer

April 2023

Eva Polzer is committed to a relationship with clay, the beauty of discomfort, and the creation of animal; breathing figures meant to be projected onto, fawned over, and feared for. Their bodies speak, primal and honest, a non-verbal language observed fluently. Polzer uses them as a vehicle to unpack and attempt to understand both intrapersonal and interpersonal dis/connection and dis/regulation, and to communicate concerns with their own internal and external world.


Polzer graduated with a BFA in ceramics and sculpture from Kent State University last year. They have participated in an out-of-state residency, which required public interaction, and exhibition; and have contributed to multiple local and national group shows. Currently, Polzer works as an art handler, collections management assistant, and gallery liaison, and practices their art in an active dedicated studio.


In ✨just girlie things✨, Eva Polzer explores the complicated patriarchal “nurturing” of femininity and how it encourages girls and women to simultaneously hate and sexualize their bodies. Polzer creates sculptures inspired by the Borzoi dog and the Sphynx cat to discuss the normalization of blind devotion, unwanted attention, and the desire to retain some kind of power through avoidance. 

Curated Storefront performance: It came from a bucket of mud!

Friday, February 17 from 4-7 pm + Friday, April 21 from 4-7pm.

Eva will be activating a storefront in the Polsky Building in downtown Akron featuring live action creations made...from a bucket of mud.

CapSOUL Gallery: Exhibition runs May 3 - June 10, 2023.

Eva Polzer
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