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Eva Polzer

April 2023

Eva’s clay sculptures reflect their quick, intuitive process.  They will use their residency to explore the concept of dog, specifically using the Borzoi due to its strange appearance, and the dog-human relationship we have developed.  Eva plans to engage the community in a workshop/demonstration on speed sculpting with air dry clay, focusing on the subject of dogs. They will also be working/creating their exhibition work in a Curated Storefront window during their residency in April. 

Curated Storefront performance: It came from a bucket of mud!

Friday, February 17 from 4-7 pm.

Eva will be activating a storefront in the Polsky Building in downtown Akron featuring live action creations made...from a bucket of mud.

CapSoul Gallery: Exhibition runs May 3 - June 10, 2023.

Eva Polzer
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