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Nyki Fetterman

November 2023

Nyki’s mixed-media work is about the absurdity of living in America right now, and the small, funny, frivolous, pretty, and hopeful everyday moments that make life worth living even in the darkness. She uses mythic symbolism, imparting narratives of power imbalances, problems with late stage capitalism, and the feeling of constantly trudging two steps forward and one step back.  For this residency, she wants to create a whole-gallery installation using paint, tufted textiles, and found objects.  The installation will be made to look like a large room in a house, with hand-painted wallpaper in parts of it, pictures hanging on the walls, and architectural elements like crown molding made of rugs. 

CapSoul Gallery and Burton D. Morgan Gallery: Exhibition runs Jan. 5 - Feb. 10, 2024.

Nyki Fetterman
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