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Habitat Series acrylic panel paintings by artist, Susan Danko. 4" x 4" x 1.5”


Susan Danko's artwork revolves around the contemporary environment and reflects her personal experiences linked to the evolving local landscape. Her observations of nature, coupled with relevant research, form an integral part of her artistic practice and provide the groundwork for the creation of her artwork. Having spent years observing local natural sites, Danko has documented a gradual evolution. As a keen observer of the ongoing environmental changes, she feels compelled to produce artwork in response to the realities of the contemporary natural environment—a realm where invasive species, extreme weather, and environmental degradation are becoming increasingly prevalent.


Through her artwork, Danko explores both the power and fragility of nature within this state of environmental flux. The creation of her work becomes a means of examining and understanding the intricate balance of nature amid these changes. In doing so, Danko seeks to celebrate the beauty of nature, aiming to raise awareness and inspire a heightened sense of respect for the environment shared by all.

Habitat 110

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